10-14 Jul 2017 St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands)


We are entering the golden age of time domain astronomy, providing unparalleled insight into variable phenomena associated with supermassive black hole fueling. The uptick in discoveries of "changing-look" AGN in recent years challenges standard accretion theories and some may perhaps be ascribed to tidal disruption events (TDEs), or microlensing. Our aim is to bring together the communities of AGN variability, TDEs, microlensing, and theorists to focus on the following main themes:

  • What do we know about AGN variability in general? Are changing-look AGN and TDEs the extreme tail end of this distribution? How can we extend theoretical progress to learn about regular to extreme variability in AGN?
  • What can changing-look AGN, TDEs, and microlensing teach us about the theory of accretion physics and the AGN/galaxy connection?
  • How can we devise strategies to most efficiently look for these phenomena with the upcoming generation of multiwavelength telescopes, including Pan-STARRS, PTF/ZTF, LSST, eROSITA, SKA, WFIRST?

Important Dates

Abstract Submission: January 31st - February 28th  (Please contact the organizers if the google page doesn't work for you)

Science Program Announced: April 1st

Registration: April 1st - May 1st, or until capacity is reached

Welcome Reception: July 10th

Start of the science program: July 11th


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We welcome discussion and debate since exchange of ideas is an integral part of the scientific process. We expect that all attendees will treat each other with civility and respect during the sessions, breaks, and off-site. We request that all attendees be mindful of other participants and make sure that all voices that wish to contribute can be heard. Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated.


S. Gezari                            
M. Graham                          
S. Komossa                           
S. LaMassa (co-chair)
A. Lawrence
C. MacLeod
N. Ross (co-chair)
J. Runnoe




N. Cucchiara
D. Morris
J. Staff

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